Wonosobo, Central Java, Indonesia Cooking Class

This will make you have change to get in depth interaction with local people, beside you will also learn to cook local dishes. And for sure this activity will give benefit to local people as part of community based tourism as it is managed by local (not by chef). There are some specific foods from Wonosobo that are worth trying such as: Tempe Kemul, Carica Dessert and Mi Ongklok. Those menus are only known by locals, very rare this menus found in other areas in Indonesia, moreover in hotel or restaurants. Soooooo the recipe only known by locals.

Cooking Package:
1) Tempe Kemul and Carica Dessert
2) Mi Ongklok and Tempe Kemul

First you will  be accompanied by local to buy ingredients needed. Ride by local horse cart (dokar) to nearby market. Return to local house by horse cart and start learning cooking from local.

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